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Whose hair dares?
Artistic director: Alejandro Rendon
Costumes, make-up design, wigs, production, administration: Alejandro Rendon
Performance artists: Alejandro Rendon, Lindsay Dos Ramos
The sculptural quality of hairdressing becomes theatre in the barbers chairs of Osadia. This street theatre company formed in Barcelona in 1996, was designed by multifaceted hairdresser, make-up artist and performer Alex Rendon. He envisaged a moment where an audience member becomes the central performer and is transformed on stage, as styling becomes a showpiece, much to the enthralled rapture of the remaining audience. These transformations can happen anywhere - in a park, on the street, a makeshift festival site - and to anyone who dares accept the challenge to sit in Osadia’s grand barber’s chairs.
They create original and provocative exhibitions of sophisticated make-up and hair art, set to fantastic music mixes. The audience is always amazed by the transformed characters that descend from the chair, who become the center of attention and are photographed wherever they go, creating a buzz in social media. Since this innovative show was first performed in Barcelona in 1996 it has been presented throughout Europe, Australia, US, South America, Africa, China, Saudi Arabia and Southeast Asia, at International arts Festivals, music festivals, special events, promotions and private parties.

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