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  Cia. Subcielo
Voalá Station
Authors: Roberto Strada (visual), Gaston Iungman (music composer)
Choreography: Pablo Cuello, Carolina Arias Heer
Actors-acrobats: Isabel Teruel, Elisabeta Gonzalez, Ifigeneia Androutsopoulou, Vanessa Sousa, Diana Abad, Pablo Cuello, Raul Vargas, Joca Oliveira, Miguel Manzano, Sergio Palomares
Singer: Alba Serrano
Lights: Steph Viallon
Sound: Maiki Calatayud
“Voalá Station” is an aerial comedy; poetry and vertigo from 30 meters high. It is created with aerial images with original, strong and sensual live music that makes the audience feel the most beautiful emotions.
Four businessmen miss the last night train to their home, having been delayed by a “clocharde” who gave them a flower. Poetry, magic and dizziness will be the treatment of these characters, as their life routine gets disturbed. The clocharde’s song and the fairy seduction will be responsible for this unforgettable night.
The original musical composition, performed live by musicians, invites the audience to sail in the substance in which the actors are immersed and, at the same time, stimulates the audience to feel that flying is possible.

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