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  Universitatea de Artă Teatrală și Cinematografică „I.L.Caragiale” București
Uncle Vanya
By: A. P. Cehov
Directed by: Tania Filip & Dana Rotaru
Project coordinators: Prof. Univ. Dr. Tania Filip, Lect. Univ. Dr. Dana Rotaru
Sound: Andreea Iacomiță
Lighting: George Rotaru
Cast: Florin Crăciun, Andreea Alexandrescu, Cosmin Vîjeu, Cătălina Bălălău, Daniel Achim, Lavinia Pele, Marian Olteanu, Teodora Filip
The Chekovian universe is an endless source of challenge for actors. For the ones at the beginning of the road it is a true touchstone. This performance-exercise is meant to be a direct approach, free of the preconceptions that are so deep-rooted in the history of the performance; it is the space where MA actors who have experience in Chekov’s plays meet, the space where they have a go at the text, and nonetheless, the space where the Actor breathes freely: without innovations and directorial interpretations, Chekov’s text is attended with honesty and condescendence. The performance is conceived with minimum technical requirements, as to highlight the actor’s performance. Each of the characters is revealed in a subtle, surprising yet simple manner. The transition from one scene to the other is made in an open convention that implies the integration of the backstage in the performance area. As the performance goes towards its climax, the backstage stays empty, as the actors become a common body, a union of souls that dream of the moment when “we will get some rest”. All of us. Victorious.

      © Lucian Năstase