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Twelfth Night
By: William Shakespeare Versiune scenică: Victor Ioan Frunză
Translated in Romanian by: Violeta Popa, George Volceanov
Music: Tibor Cari
Piano: Csibi Andreea
Violin: Stanculescu Raul
Clarinet: Gugu Bogdan
Cello: Ciuple Alexandra Corina
Violin: Marian Ana-Maria
Clarinet: Ghita Urziceanu Constantin
Stage design and costume design: Adriana Grand
Stage direction: Victor Ioan Frunză
Technical director: Ghimpețeanu Elena, Neagu Gelu
Lights: Atanasiu Marius, Gheorghița Andrei
Sound: Tudor Balcu
Stagehands: Mandruță Constantin, Nan Cristian, Nae Mihai
Props: Eugen Cristodulo
Wardrobe: Bălan Georgeta, Purcărea Ana
Cast: Diana Cavallioti, Alexandru Pavel, George Costin, Nicoleta Hâncu, Adrian Nicolae, Sorin Miron, Andrei Huţuleac, Andreea Grămoşteanu, Alin Florea, Codrin Boldea, Matei Arvunescu, Carol Ionescu, Costin Dogioiu, Flavius Călin, Marian Olteanu, Voicu Aaniţei, Andrei Redinciuc, Ştefan Mohor, Paul Radu
Viola, a nobleman’s daughter, and her twin brother Sebastian, are separated and shipwrecked on the coast of Ilyria. Each of them, thinking the other one drowned, struggles to cope on their own in a strange land. Viola disguises herself, becoming the young man Cesario, and enters the service of Duke Orsino, with whom she falls in love. She soon becomes the Duke’s messenger, bearing his endless love for Countess Olivia, a young noble woman of immense wealth. Incessantly mourning her brother’s death, Olivia lives in isolation, accompanied by her maid, Maria, and her uncompromising steward, Malvolio. Her existence is colored only by the wits of her jester, Feste, and the excesses of her drunken uncle, Sir Toby. She becomes infatuated with the unlikely messenger sent by Orsino and invites “him” to visit her more often.
The brutality with which the puritanical Malvolio stops a loud party will determine the offended drunks to plot a cruel revenge against him. Knowing he secretly loves the Countess, Sir Toby, Maria and the dimwitted suitor Sir Andrew forge a love letter from her, in which she encourages him to act eccentrically, to better suit the position he covets. Malvolio bites the bait and, thought to be mad by Olivia, is locked up and “exorcised” by Toby, Maria and Feste, disguised as a priest.
The attention bestowed by the Countess on the young messenger arouses Sir Andrew’s anger and Sir Toby tricks him into challenging Cesario to a duel. Olivia mistakes Sebastian for Cesario, and with little opposition marries him. The final reunion of the separated twins makes Orsino propose to Viola, concluding a general happy ending, except for Malvolio, who swears vengeance.
Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 16.

      © Adriana Grand