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  Haiyuza Theatre Company
Three Sisters
By: Anton Chekov
Director: Hajime Mori
Script by: Craig Lucas
Adaptation by: Hajime Mori
Choreography: Rai Totsuka
Stage Design: Hajime Mori
Light design: Tomohiro Takahashi
Sound design: Taku Kiuchi
Costumes: Kimiko Ishikawa
Cast: Mayuko Aoyama, Mayumi Katayama, Sachiko Shigyo, Mayumi Amano, Kaoru Inoue, Seiji Shioyama, others.
March 11th in Fukushima; a nursing home. Today is Mayumi’s birthday. Residents and staff are celebrating with her. During the party Sachiko starts to speak a line from “Three Sisters”. She speaks such lines every day of her life. Other elderly women join the lines, also doctors and nurses too. “Three Sisters” started today too. They are talking about life, future and love. There is an energy for the old women’s life. The drama is running well. But today is different from usual. Everybody hears an explosion sound somewhere. The staff’s attitude changes gradually. But everybody tries to continue the drama. The farewell scene has started. People leaving and staying. From tomorrow they will be doing this drama with four people. But Sachiko says “Let’s live”. It is starting to rain.
The play renders a double image of Fukushima’s disaster.
Performance presented in Japanese, with translation into Romanian and English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 16.

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