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  Teatrul Mic București
The vanished Year. 1989
By: Peca Ștefan
Directed by: Ana Mărgineanu
Choreography: Andreea Duță
Stage design: Anda Pop
Video design: Cinty Ionescu
Technical director: Zoica Costache
Lights: Roxana Docaru
Sound: Adrian Popescu
Video: Ovidiu Cristache
Costumes: Felicia Pascaru
Make-up: Lucica Panait
Stagehands: Nicolae Mirea, Adrian Dima, Cristian Negoiță, Mircea Nițescu
Props: Marian Mirea
Cast: Gheorghe Visu, Maria Ploae, Mihaela Rădescu, Ilinca Manolache, Isabela Neamțu, Viorel Cojanu, Cuzin Toma
“The Vanished Year. 1989” was built on the memories of the artistic and technical crew of the show, being an extremely subjective and fictional reconstruction of the year that ended with the December 1989 Revolution.
Two actors from Teatrul Mic from Bucharest find themselves in a Kafkaesque situation because both of them left before the applause during a play with two acts and one of their colleagues filed a complaint to the Communist Party. Five audience members are escorted to the office of Comrade Victoria who lectures them on Aristotle, theatre and participating in performances. She proves to be a Securitate representative responsible with censorship.
A teacher-parent meeting is held because one of the pupils is missing. While the parents try to piece together the series of events that led to his disappearance, paranoia, suspicion and accusations from the parents and pupils reveal the cruelty and hypocrisy of a world in which “The Lord of the Flies” meets “1984”. Luminița, a 17-year old girl, tries to flee the country with her lover, who is a student and an anti-Ceauşescu dissident. She is two months pregnant. She is confronted with the frightening reality: her family calls the police and Luminița’s lover is arrested. Family secrets keep surfacing, while Luminița is forced to drink vodka by her loved ones who will eventually arrange an illegal abortion against her will.
In a car crossing Bucharest, a son confronts his mother after he finds out she lied about her involvement in the Revolution.
The end of the year, including Ceauşescu’s speeches and the death of the presidential couple, is reconstructed from the point of view of ordinary people.
Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12.
The performance has two alternative scenes. Three spectators are taken from their seats to participate in a scene taking place in a car that has a predefined route for about 10 minutes. For another scene, five spectators will go to another location from inside the building.

      © Andrei Runcanu