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The Sunset Limited
By: Cormac McCarthy
Directed by: Andrei & Andreea Grosu
Stage design: Vladimir Turturica
Cast: Richard Bovnoczki, Şerban Pavlu
“The Sunset Limited is an encounter. An authentic encounter. Filled with joy. It is our way of opening up. It is a story of frailty and boldness. It is about you. And about us. Genuine. It is about the darkest thoughts and the most gentle of attempts. It is about love or about the absence of love. It’s about friendship. It’s about God. Or not. It’s about all of these and about none of these. Maybe it’s the most intimate of shows that can happen to you. So personal you get scared. Or not. Or you get longing. It is about two people who need. That’s all.
This is not a description of the show. It is a little more than that. It’s a confession. A brave one.”
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12.
Project financed by ARCUB – The Cultural Centre of the City of Bucharest, in the framework of the Cultural Programme “Eşti Bucureşti 2015”

      © Adi Bulboacă