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  Les P’tits Bras / Mungo
The Scent of Sawdust
Authors: Sophie Mandoux, Raphaël Gacon
Structure designer: Fill De Block
Technician: Nicolas Cautain
Music: Mark Dehoux
Costumes: Anne Jonathan
Cast: Sophie Mandoux, Raphaël Gacon, Birta Benonysdottir, Yldor Llach, Kevin Troussard
Ladies and Gentlemen... the Circus!
The story takes us back – with a large pinch of humour – somewhere around 1900, in the midst of this extraordinary period in history.
Five acrobats share a circular stage and the aerial space provided by an impressively innovative “Art Nouveau”- Horta-style - yet totally autonomous structure.
Two Korean cradles facing each other and two swinging trapezes suspended side by side allow for breathtaking high level acrobatic aerial acts. The flyers, dancers, hand to hand acrobats, the equilibrist as well as the strong man will all... make you fall in love.
“The Scent of Sawdust” refers to the time flying by, to vivid memories of the past, to the circus of our ancestors.

      © Laps / Lionel Audinet Photographies