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The Pillowman
By: Martin McDonagh
Directed and coproduced by: Eugen Gyemant
Translation by: Eugen Gyemant
Stage design: Maria Nicola
PR: Alina Neagu
With: Ionuţ Grama, Lucian Iftime, Cătălin Babliuc/ Andrei Seusan, Dan Rădulescu, Teodora Iancu
In a fictitious totalitarian state, an anonymous writer (Ionuț Grama) is interrogated regarding his macabre stories and their similarities with a series of murders that took place in the city. For two hours, the audience becomes the witness of the investigation led by two eccentric detectives (Lucian Iftime and Cătălin Babliuc) in an extremely dark comedy that combines Hitchcock’s suspense with Tarantino’s humour and the magical and dark world of Tim Burton. A tale with unexpected plot twists in which the fairytale becomes the reality and the characters are not even close to what they seem to be.
“It is a poetical metaphor for what contemporaneity in theatre or literature stands for at the moment. Structured as a half-naive story, a horror fantasy about a writer of such stories, it is a labyrinth of twists and turns, just like a riddle whose solution is constantly changing, transforming at the same time the given information of the riddle. Seemingly childish, the play has an underlying manifesto for unpretentious art, for innovation and for the freedom to create without the constant censorship of presupposed laws. It is a subtle, ironic manifesto for the right to violate all rules in favour of the pleasure offered in return by the game of any kind.” (Eugen Gyemant, director)
Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 16.
Special effects: Gunshot sounds.
A project supported by the Calea Victoriei Foundation, conceived by Roxana Crişan and financed by ArCuB through the cultural programme „Eşti Bucureşti” 2015.

      © Alexandru Cristea