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  Ludovic Lagarde - La Comédie de Reims-Centre Dramatique National
The Miser
By: Molière
Stage direction: Ludovic Lagarde
Dramaturgy: Marion Stoufflet
Stage design: Antoine Vasseur
Lights: Sébastien Michaud
Costumes: Marie La Rocca, Gwendoline Bouget
Makeup and hairdressing: Cécile Kretschmar, Mityl Brimeur
Music: Pierre-Alexandre «Yuksek» Busson
Sound: David Bichindaritz
Interior designer: Eric Delpla
Choreography: Stéfany Ganachaud
Assistant to the stage direction: Céline Gaudier
General stage management: Jean-Luc Briand
Props: Benoit Muzard
With Laurent Poitrenaux, Christèle Tual, Julien Storini, Alexandre Pallu, Marion Barché, Tom Politano, Myrtille Bordier, Louise Dupuis
and: Élie Chapus, Zacharie Jourdain, Élodie Leau, Antonin Totot, Gwenaëlle Vaudin, Charline Voinet
Cu participarea lui / With the participation of: Jean-Luc Briand
As strange as it could seem, it is as if I had discovered Molière by reading “L’Avare” again. I have been struck by its beautiful prose, the comic fierceness of a play in which even if the farce is not far, it makes relationships’ bitterness and issues’ roughness even harder. In the middle of the plot, cupidity, that is to say withholding. The issue is not about a lack of money, it is more about the lack of monetary movement. The function of money is to pay, and here it has lost this function. It seems to have become the target of a mortiferous worshipping. Everything can be sacrificed for money, since nothing else matters, there is no value, and no price... except for money of course. For this new moral, there is one imperative, categorical as one might expect: odourless, invisible, money must produce even more money. Without any profit for anybody but the Avare, as his good, is precisely money which has no function except to make him crave for it. Thus in this great gap between the massive accumulation of money on one hand and the lack, experienced and endured, of any exchange of money on the other hand, it is the whole micro-society ruled by cupidity which is disturbed and literally gets driven by panic: money has to be found at any cost, since fictious shortage has become the only shared reality. It seems that we never get out of this, neither masters nor servants, for the father as for his children, everything gravitates around this money built as an obsession. Unsurprisingly, love is not spared. Every man for himself! Ludovic Lagarde, stage director
Performance presented in French, with translation into Romanian and English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12.
Production: La Comédie de Reims–CDN

      © Pascal Gély