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  Teatrul „C.I. Nottara” Bucureşti
The Lonesome West
By: Martin McDonagh
Directed by: Cristi Juncu
Stage design: Carmencita Brojboiu
Translation by: Bogdan Budeş
Technical director: Ana Maria Varga
Scene management: Ciprian Nicolae Duică
Prompter: Raluca Mihaela Tiţa
Sound: Marius Florea
Lights: Dan Iordănescu
Props: Daniel Cioflan
Costumes: Ioana Dănilă
Stagehands: Octavian Ştefan Ionescu, Costel Epure, Freddy Paraschiv, Marius Negoiţă, Gheorghe Săbărel
Cast: Florin Piersic jr., Vlad Zamfirescu, Andi Vasluianu, Ioana Calotă
Coleman and Valene seem to be standing on gunpowder barrels that are ready to explode at any moment. The relationship between the two brothers, who have lost their father in an “accident” involving a firearm, is a strange one, built on constant conflicts and arguments.
The cross talk is outstanding and the characters seem to be stepping firmly and noisily on a rope that is much too tight. One of the brothers, Valene, collects religious statues and the other one, Coleman, has made a habit of going to funerals, mainly for the food that is being served there.
Each of them challenges the other, stretching the limits of each other’s patience, and the only one trying to somewhat fix the dysfunctional relationship of the Connor brothers is Welsh, the priest. But his advice seems to remain unheard by Coleman and Valene, as well as by the rest of the village in which Welsh has his parish. However, in an almost mystical twist of roles, it turns out that the one who should have been the saviour awaits his salvation from the lost souls...
Nothing can be more tempting for theatre and its audience than a modern text about unsettling things, written at a fast pace, with no useless inhibitions or devious twists. Human relationships within a community, be it in Ireland or wherever, always tell us more about human beings than dozens of psychoanalytical treatises. Thus, you are invited to enter the world of the Connor brothers, priest Welsh and the beautiful Girleen Kelleher, a world filled with violence, dark humour, but also moments of unexpected compassion.
Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 16.
Special effects: Gunshot sounds

      © Horia Petraşcu