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The Indian Wants the Bronx
By: Israel Horowitz
Directed by: Iarina Demian
Light design: Bogdan Gheorghiu
Musical illustration: Gelu Ionescu, Alexandru Petrescu
Stage design: Iuliana Gherghescu
Cast: Paul Ipate, Anghel Damian, Liviu Topuzu
“The Indian Wants the Bronx” is a contemporary text which seems to have been born on the streets of New York. In fact, the play has its roots in England, where author Israel Horovitz has studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in the 60s. Labour laws in England were at the time absurdly biased, and always against foreigners. Israel Horovitz worked 45 hours each week and received the equivalent of 35 dollars, barely enough money to pay rent and eat at the cafeteria a few times each week.
Israel Horovitz’s play takes place in a relatively small space, a bus/ subway station, where three people are waiting. Two of them have nowhere to go, and the third doesn’t know how to reach the destination. Each of them has a harsh background story which we can only imagine. Victims of a system which has lost control over them, Murph (Anghel Damian) and Joe (Paul Ipate), two teenagers barely released from a youth correctional facility, are gratuitously launching an entire arsenal of violent acts and obscene tirades against an Indian lost in New York. It is no coincidence that the character targeted by Murph and Joe is an Indian. The issue of racism, so present today too, becomes one of the components of their aggression.
Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12.
Co-producers: AFCN (Administration of the National Cultural Fund), ARCUB

      © Adrian Bulboacă