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  Teatrul Luceafărul Iași
The Green Cat
By Elise Wilk
Directed by Bobi Pricop
Stage design: Irina Moscu
Animator: Elena Zmuncilă
Technical director: Radu Teleman
Lighting: Năstase Marian, Cătălin Sadovschi
Sound: Iulian Hardon, Eugen Borcilă
Stagehands: Marilică Dumitru, Cristian Navrotescu, Stelian Iosif, Bogdan Carp, Ciochină Gheorghe
Props: Adina Dăncinescu
Cast: Natalia Corban, Dragoș Maftei, Camelia Dilbea, Alex Iurașcu, Carmen Mihalache, George Cocoș
The show is a theatrical premiere in Romania by using a silent disco system around which the staging is built. The actors and the audience are placed together in the same area and the spectators can participate by using a set of headphones that they receive at the entrance in which they can hear everything. The characters, Dani, Bianca, Boogie, Robert, Roxana and Flori, are six teenagers that the audience meets at the “Periphery” club and who talk, as friends would do, about love, loneliness, abandon, indifference. Each of them tells their own version of the same event because reality is multifaceted and the truth is relative. The idea of director Bobi Pricop was to bring the young spectators together with the main characters in a silent disco party!
Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 16.

      © Ozolin Dușa