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  Yamamoto Noh Theater
The Demon of Adachi
Artistic team: Yamamoto Akihiro, Umewaka Motonori, Moriya Yoshinori and others (participants are designated as general holders of Important Intangible Cultural Heritage).
The play is more than six centuries old. It tells the story of a group of Buddhist priests in need of a place to spend the night. They eventually stumble upon a humble hut of a lone woman, deep in the wilderness of Adachi. She lets them in and while spinning thread she tells the story of her solitude. The woman eventually leaves the hut to gather firewood, telling the priests not to look into her bedroom. However this arouses the curiosity of the priests’ servant, who discovers that the room is full of human bones and corpses. Realizing that this is the demon of Adachi, the priests are about to flee, but are stopped by the enraged woman, now in her true demonic form. However through Buddhist prayer, the priests are able to subdue her and offer salvation for her spirit.
Performance presented in Japanese, with translation into Romanian and English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12.
Special effects: Imagination
With the support of the Embassy of Japan in Bucharest

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