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The Brass Band from Cozmeşti
Artistic team: Ecaterina Chiriac, Ionel Chiriac, Ionică Chiriac, Ionică Corneliu, Sorin Dușu, Gheorghe Lupu, Cornelius Rusu, Vasile Stângaciu, Constantin Trifan, Mihai Trifan, Petronel Viziru
The Brass Band from Cozmeşti was founded almost 120 years ago, and it is the oldest brass band in the country, with deep roots in our culture and tradition, winning numerous trophies and awards at festivals and competitions, thanks to the interpretation technique, unique and unmistakable, performing without any difficulty any kind of music, just live, just „by ear”, without knowing the musical notes, starting from our local music, hora and sârba, and continuing with Balkan music, pop, gypsy, etc.
In 1969, the band participated in the first brass bands festival in the country. Comprising a total of 80 musicians, they obtained the great trophy, and it’s also when they made the first recordings at Electrecord Labels. After many years of artistic experience, the band started to receive invitations to various festivals in the country and abroad. We are happy to say that we had concerts in Italy, France, Germany, Lithuania, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, etc. The vocalist, Ina Chiriac, has been working with The Brass Band from Cozmeşti since she was 14.

      © Sebastian Marcovici