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  Universitatea de Arte ”George Enescu” Iași
The Audition
By Alexandr Galin
Directed by: Conf.univ.dr. Octavian Jighirgiu
Assistant director: Asist.univ.dr. Laura Bilic
Video concept: Asist.univ.dr. Andrei Cozlac
Setting elements: Răzvan Stanciu
Costumes: Jenița Stănilă
Technical direction, lighting: Gheorghe Albianu
Cast: Andreea Popovici, Maura Munteanu, Sonia Teodoriu, Adnana Bolea, Camelia Dilbea, Nicoleta Văcărașu, Flavia Sandu, Dumitru Florescu, Daniel Onoae, Dragoș Maftei şi Arun Cotic
The play “The Audition” was written in 1998 after a real experience lived by Alexandr Galin in the 90s. After the fall of the Eastern Bloc, with the establishment of the so-called capitalism, Galin hears about the audition organized by two Japanese in the theatre hall where, incidentally, he was also employed. Aided by a translator, the Asian guests wanted to select women for the labour market in Japan. Placing the play in the author’s hometown is not coincidental, as the story could have taken place anywhere in the post-communist Russia, but also the entire East European space.
With the lure of a better life in a prosperous country as leitmotif, the play analyses both the condition of the individual who, once he has gained freedom, does not know how to manage it, and the relationship of the couple, in a confused society, living in poverty.
From this perspective, the audition becomes in our show just a pretext, the confrontational territory of people who have forgotten how to communicate. The decision of women to leave their marital home to start a new life, the frustration and revolt of their spouses, the drama of two young girls - abandoned by their mother - who are ready to sell their bodies for a better life, the despair of a student who fails the transaction of his life, are the elements that compose a limit situation in which the truth comes out, hitting hard all involved. It is an experience that transforms consciousness by its reflection in the mirror of the unconcealed harsh reality.
Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12.

      © Universitatea de Arte „George Enescu” Iași