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  MéliMélo & Cie.
Still Journeys
Directed by: Amélie Mélotte
With: Amélie Mélotte, Didider Maes, Anais Caillat
Set designer: Lucie Lizen
Entresort – Sensory cabin-show – Manipulation of objects.
How to travel the world whilst standing still? Set off on a blindfolded journey to rediscover the senses in an undefined, imaginary world.
A sensory explosion, space, sound, matter, crackling, smell, atmosphere, dizziness, softness, tingling, escape… Let yourself be guided by the three explorers of “The International Office of Still Journeys”, who have decided to share their experiences with you!

Access in the tent (the performance space) is made according to a waiting line, and it allows 1 to 4 persons at a time. Children from 7 up only can enter the tent, accompanied by an adult. The duration of each “journey” is around 5 minutes.

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