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Soul of a statue
Directed by: Marian Râlea
Cast: Teodora Domnariu, Florentina Neagu, Doriana Tăut, Laurenţiu Vlad, Alexandru Verzescu, Cristian Călburean, Pârvu Florin
“Soul of a statue” is an interactive performance inspired from Romanian myths, fairy tales and history. The statues come to life by interacting with the public, challenging the audience to take part in the “game” and to build up a story together.
“Soul of a statue” was born from the desire the create something in-between street and indoor performances, something to fit all categories of viewers, something that preserves the expression of a statue while having the ability of interacting, improvising and keeping the performance alive. Though Dracula, for example, has his own story, told by his movements and by a multilingual story-teller, his activity during the show mostly depends on how the public reacts to his challenges. It is this concept that makes the show special, to which the costumes and the stories add up and create a dynamic performance, funny and unique.

      © Dragoş Dumitru