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  Torrevieja Carnival Group & Batucada Timbaloe
Rhythms and Harmony
Concept and direction: Mercader Valdes
A group composed of beautiful female dancers who wear unique and colourful carnival suits made with innovating materials as, for example, acetate, methacrylate, caoutchouc, foam rubber, chalk, glass, aluminium and different plastic types, in addition to the traditional feathers of peacock, ostrich, pheasant, sequins, rhinestones, precious stones, braids, etc. These performers dance in a sensual way to the energetic rhythm of the batucada, composed by talented musicians, who are passionate and full of life. Their purpose is to excite and include the audience of all ages with their rhythms and dances.
The combination of good music, dance, colourful and elegant costumes creates a fascinating group, beautiful to look at and pleasant to listen to.

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