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  Les Ateliers Nomad
Art director/3D designer: Matei Dersidan
Art Director/3D Animator: Alexandru Petrosanu
Script/Project Manager: Ioana Burtescu
Graphic Designer: Ana Cohut
3D Animator: Razvan Flore
3D Animator/Editor: Horia Teodor
Artistic Director: Cezar Somitca
Graphic Designer: Robert Erdos
“POSTERity” is a time machine, it is a journey through the history of the most famous international theatre festival happening in Romania. “Posterity” captures the very essence of this amazing initiative that changed forever the life of the city hosting it, the cultural knowledge of its inhabitants, and best of all, put Romania on the cultural map of the world.
Using animation and special visual effects, “POSTERity” reflects the Sibiu International Theatre Festival’s goal, vision and ambition over the years. Choosing some of the most representative posters and themes of the festival, this project aims to bring back to the public attention the permanent connection the festival had not only with the Romanian social and political context, but also with the international scenery, proved by the continuous flow of foreign artists that were invited to showcase their works during the years. And ultimately, “POSTERity” is a tribute to its founders, its public, and all the artists that turned it into a worldwide theatrical phenomenon.

      © Les Ateliers Nomad