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  Marsa Scouts Pipes & Drums
Pipes & Drums from Malta
Performed by: Marsa Scouts Pipes & Drums
Drum major: Debono Dennis
The Marsa Scouts Pipes & Drums are part of the Marsa Scouts Group which was founded in 1929 and is situated in the southern part of Malta. Due to the influence from the British army based in Malta at that time, interest grew within the group to have a band within itself. In 1932 a small band was formed with some elements including a bagpipe.
In 1945, after the Second World War, the group was reorganized and in 1954, a band was formed within the group – the Marsa Scouts Group Band, with bugles and drums. Later on flutes were also included. In 1961, bagpipes were introduced and this was the beginning of the Pipe Band. In 1964, the band represented Malta in a Band Festival in Agrigento in Sicily. In a short time, the band established itself as one of the leading bands in Malta, participating in many major events and growing in numbers.
In 2009, there was a reorganization of the band set-up. A two band formation was formed – the Marsa Scouts Pipes & Drums and the Marsa Scouts Corps of Drums. The group became the first and only group in Malta to have two bands. In 2010, the Pipes & Drums started wearing kilts – Marsa Scouts Group Tartan, which was designed within the group - in conjunction with the scouts’ uniform. Since 2009, the Marsa Scouts Pipes and Drums have participated in the annual Malta Military Tattoo, and in 2012 the Pipes & Drums together with Corps of Drums performed a solo performance within the same Tattoo.

      © Jesmond Bajada