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Perhaps a new idea?
The drawings by Tadeusz Kantor, from the personal collection of Andrzej and Teresa Wełmiński, actors at Cricot 2 Theater and Andrzej Wełmiński photos showing the scenography of the first version of the show "The Dead Class" by Tadeusz Kantor.
Most of the drawings are drawings made for theater performances, that illustrate how Tadeusz Kantor has designed his own theater, but also what was the role of different elements he introduced it in his performances. Wełminski's photographs were made at the request and under the guidance of Kantor. The words "Perhaps a new idea?", which is the title of the exhibition, can be found on one drawing, a sketch made while performing last show directed by this reformer of theater worldwide "Today is my birthday." The sketch was ment to be a scene in his next show, for which Kantor started to collect ideas, but which was never realized.
The opening will take place in 13 june, at 19:15