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 Republic of Moldova
  Teatrul Național Satiricus I.L.Caragiale
Old Clown Wanted
By Matei Vișniec
A performance by Alexander Grecu
Light director: Batrînac Veaceslav
Sound director: Prodan Leomid
Technicians: Nurtazin Seric, Orehov Alexandr, Vrîncean Serghei
Cast: Curagău Mihai, Cucuruzac Eugen, Cazac Valeriu, Caşu Vasile, Mitreanu Igor, Rusu Irina, Gheorghiţă Ludmila, Grosu Ion, Toderico Nina, Matcovschi Eugen, Crîlov Alexandru, Cernat Eduard, Oleacu Artiom, Carapascal Tudor, Grecu Alexandrina, Anghelici Olga, Mihailevschi Alina, Zatic Cristian, Malai Roman
Through “Old Clown Wanted” we discover another facet, mature and temperate, of the director Alexandru Grecu, for the show differs significantly from his previous works. Dynamism, sonority, the explosion of color and theatricality displayed are replaced here by the philosophical tone, the cameral manner, the quiet and moderate acting, the performance having a strong humanistic spirit. If we draw a parallel between theatrical art and painting, we could say that the canvas is a water painting, for the heroes’ moods - happiness, sadness, despair, envy, rivalry, contempt, affection, etc. - alternate with the quickness of a kaleidoscope, overlapping, the hidden passages eliminating harshness and the ping-pong dialogues/phrases emphasizing the spontaneity of the actors’ play. The roles are distributed to reputed theater comedians: Mihai Curagău/Peppino, Jan Cucuruzac/Filippo and Valeriu Cazacu/Nicollo. All three create an exceptional artistic ensemble, working like communicating vessels and ensuring an unprecedented emotional transparency. Histrionic by definition, they do not divide the traditional heroes in happy and sad comedians - they are primarily men, good and bad, unwillingly participating in the Circus of Life and Death. The satiric actors use the inimitable comic, lyric and dramatic register, achieving an artistic “lethal” cocktail of kindness and sarcasm, generosity and selfishness, envy and compassion, tenderness and cruelty, compassion and callousness, maturity and childishness etc. The characters of Mihai Curagău, Jan Cucuruzac and Valeriu Cazacu, sublime and infernal at the same time, have kept in their aging bodies the souls of children.
Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12.

      © Teatrul Naţional Satiricus I.L. Caragiale