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  Duchamp Pilot
Muaré Experience
Production and composition: Gastón Iungman
Scenic creation: Roberto Strada
Artistic coordination: Pablo Cuello
Rigging: Sergio Zárate
Scene direction: Raúl Vargas
Music by: Duchamp Pilot Gaz Twist (vocals), Allan Ferguson (bass), Theo Cuevas (drums), Gaston Iungman (guitar)
Sound: Miguel Ángel Calatayud
Lighting: Stephane Viallon
Production assistant: Ifigeneia Androutsopoulou
“Muaré Experience” is an intense exchange between the musical and visual arts. It is a contrast of sensations, an experience of dialogue between a rock concert, an aerial show and the space in which we perform.
Psychedelic and convulsive rock. Our team, with its vast knowledge in the production of large and unique events, surpasses itself in order to bring this unforgettable experience to the public.
The ultimate synergy between rock and aerial theatre. Stage experimentation with the sky as a background.
Original and sophisticated choreographic sequences in the air is our international brand with the use of harness systems and cranes that allow astonishing performances in the sky.
Our aim is to generate intense emotions through images and powerful, original live music. We have extensive professional experience and have been working on this artistic concept since 1998. Muaré is based in Spain but have headquarters in the United Kingdom and Argentina. We boast a multinational cast of aerial performers from 10 different countries.

      © Daniel Bacerril