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  Teatrul ACT
By: Csaba Székely
A project coordinated by Oana Stoica
Special thanks to Mr. Alexandru Dabija
Translation by: Sandor Laszlo
Stage design: Vladimir Iuganu
Poster: Paul Mureşan
Music: Bobo Burlăcianu
Cast: Virginia Mirea, Ioan Coman, Alexandru Potocean, Alin Florea, Irina Antonie
When Csaba Székely wrote the “Mining Trilogy” in 2010, the Romanian theatre was ignoring the village as a possible topic of debate. The playwright from Mureş understood the scenic potential of rural society, and had the lucidity to rummage through the moral puss of the village of post-communist Romania. That was a time when the pride of being a farmer or a miner, infused by the old regime, disappeared at the same time with the jobs, leaving behind impoverished people, continuously sinking in their own desperation, evermore embittered by their misery and ruminating in silence, with their hearts burnt by alcohol and suffering.
The Transylvanian-Hungarian village from the “Mining Trilogy” is the exponent of every rural community in Romanian, irrespective of language or religion. Approaching different topics – high suicide rate among the Hungarian ethnics (“Flori de mină” / “Mineflower”), the Romanian-Hungarian conflict and timber mafia in rural town-halls (“Beznă de mină” / “Mineblindness”), the hypocrisy of the Church as an institution (“Apă de mină” / “Minewater”) – the “Mining Trilogy” scans the human degradation in the edge-situations of material survival, and the dissolution of rural communities on the grounds of poverty.
The playwright’s merit is the ability to attach to this forced defeat a sparkling humour and razor-sharp lines, which strike with such accuracy, that they leave the audience not sure whether to laugh or cry. “Minewater” - premiering for the first time in Romania - represents Csaba Székely’s debut on a Romanian-speaking stage.
Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 16.
Minewater” is a project produced by Teatrul Act and Scena9.
Sponsor: BRD Groupe Societe Generale.
With the support of: UNITER.

      © Mihai Nae