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  Leeds Beckett University
Memoirs of an Inexperienced Mother
Devised and directed by: Sara Jackson
Performed by: Sara Jackson & Antoinette Sargent
What is your plan for this performance? It is interactive after all, so you will need a plan. Will you hide at the back and hope we don’t notice you, or will you be the first to volunteer? Either way, you know nothing ever goes to plan. Have you ever made a birthing plan? This semi-autobiographical piece looks at what happens when the plan for a perfect birth goes horribly wrong. When instead of glowing there is sickness. Instead of Labour there is pre-eclampsia. And instead of a happy homecoming there is the neonatal intensive care unit, jaundice, NG tubes and breast pumps. There will be laughter, tears, joy and fear as we look at the absurdity of creating the perfect plan, knowing that it will never happen. The miracle of birth is a different experience for everybody. The one thing they have in common is that they don’t go to plan.
Performance presented in English, with translation into Romanian.
Co-producers: Mark Flisher, Sarah Roe, Natalie Bellingham

      © Sara Jackson