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  Teatrul L.S. Bulandra
By: Iosif Brodski
Directed by: Yuri Kordonski
Assistant director and translator: Taisia Orjehovsky
Translation by: Mașa Dinescu
Stage design and costumes: Nina Brumușilă
Lighting design: Lucian Moga
Prompter: Liana Ornea
Technical director: Mihaela Oance
Light design: Florin Manu
Lights: Fănel Berbecaru, Florin Antonie, Constantin Antonie
Sound: Vlad Stan
Stage technician: Ion Staicu
Stagehands: Constantin Mârzan, Mircea Muzacov, Gheorghe Ioniță, Anghel Lazăr, Dan Vasile, Vasile Petre, Constantin Popa
Props: Laurențiu Manea, Ion Nicolau
Cabins: Liliana Chirițescu, Paraschiva Staicu
Hairdressing and make-up: Georgeta Barbu
Stage supervision: Ioana Staicu, Liana Dragnea
Cast: Victor Rebengiuc, Marian Râlea
In a cell there are two prisoners: the Barbarian Publius and the Roman Tullius, in a tower near the ancient Rome, their life being transposed in Modern Times. Rome becomes a Utopia of space and time, and the Tower is the result of this Utopia, where relationship between society and individual is rethought. The dialog of the two prisoners is mocking, full of humour, sentimental and philosophical.
The space where Publius and Tullius are forced to live is tight and full of objects with different geometries, busts of Latin classics, but also modern objects: a phone, a tablet computer etc. Only time is infinite. Because “Prison means a lack of space, compensated by an excess of time”.
More tragic than Beckett’s characters, Publius and Tullius have no more expectations. Only Poetry can save the world, art offering a real sense to the existence.
An overwhelming play, talking about main problems of life, Marbles is a kind of experiment about the way ideas can generate emotions as powerful as human relationships, a text written by a great author who tried all his life to go deeper into these territories.
Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 14.

      © Cosmin Ardeleanu