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Malle Balle Circus Workshop
Workshop conceived and held by: Marc van den Broek, Bart Frasseur
A playful, fun, active, educational entertainment for kids, the Kids Circus Playshops give children the chance to explore and enjoy a unique range circus skills first hand. Children will get the opportunity to attempt: Spinning plates; Hula hooping; Peacock feather balance; Staff spinning; Flying trapeze; Diabolo; Ball, rings & club juggling; Acrobatics; Rola bola; Devil sticks; Unicycling and pedalos; Stilts walking and ball walking; Ropemanship.
More Than Just Good Clean Fun!
Not only are circus workshops a fun and engaging activity for children, they also encourage children to be active, work on the fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. It also inspires children to be creative and cooperative through play. Because how rewarding it is for children to pick up these flash and unique skills, it’s also a good opportunity to provide them a wonderful sense of accomplishment and let them feel they are a circus star!

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