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Mademoiselle Cantatrice
A projet of Lionel Lauret (multidisciplinary visual artist) and Laeticia Volcey (classical solo singer)
With Maïté Cazaubon (pianist)
Stylist-designer: Bidisha Samantaray (LAL)
Producer for Association PLEIN SUD: Morgane Cartron
Laetitia Volcey, classical solo singer, performs “Mademoiselle Cantatrice” in a monumental and contemporary figure. Lionel Lauret, multidisciplinary visual artist, chose to create his own projection screen: a white dress illuminated by the dreamlike world of Mademoiselle Cantatrice.
Together they select the arias and melodies from an extensive, powerful and mixed repertoire.
With this challenging performance, these two artists go beyond the classical form of recital to tell the legend and the story of Mademoiselle Cantatrice.