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  Cie. Woest
Leaving Normal
Director: Manon Avermaete
Production: Annemijn Rijk
Music composition: Steven Holsbeeks
Performers: Wannes de Porre, Hanna Mampuys, Toon van Gramberen, Lorenzo Capodieci, Paulien Truijen, Manon Avermaete
After extensive research on the theme of “encounters”, “Leaving Normal” developed into a site specific dance performance. It’s a story coloured by absurd interactions and intriguing characters. A tragically humorous performance balancing on the edge of theatre, dance and acrobatics.
In the summer of 2013 we have had the opportunity to experiment on many different locations with our dance material; we performed in parks, a prison, a museum, a forest, neighbourhoods, an old factory... Due to this location diversity, “Leaving Normal” developed into a versatile performance, each version tailored specifically to the location and sensitivity to the environment.
The public will be taken on a trail, and a number of unique music boxes will be given out to audience members. They can decide themselves when they want to add sounds. In this way the audience takes responsibility for the soundscape of the performance. On their trail, they meet the performers and are witness to different interactions – some romantic, others violent, some absurd, whilst other are passionate or humorous. All of these elements combine to make “Leaving Normal” a fascinating and rich experience for the audience.
“The way how Woest integrates space in their work is always surprising and fresh. The space is a full-fledged character, just like the music in “Leaving Normal”. People are encouraged to interact with the piece, but also with each other. The result is a wonderful, very physical and imaginative performance.” Sanne Clerinckx (M-idzomer, BE)
Co-producers: Dansmakers Amsterdam, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

      © Joris Hol