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 United States of America
  Pace Pace School of Performing Arts / Enigma Theatre Collective
By Peter Handke
Directed by Scott Davis
Cast: Emily Gottlich, Gabby Bryan, Michaela Reggio, Amber Junai
Our take on “Kaspar” by Peter Handke revitalizes the investigation of the effect of the loss of language on the human psyche. This deconstructed and re-imagined version conveys the parallels of the female condition to the journey of Kaspar - by transferring the text into a container of the evolution of the female experience, the world is then modernized and transformed to shed light on today. The 4 member all female ensemble utilize vocal variation and strong movement sequences in an environment of voiceovers of male characters, soundscapes and stark lighting. Women have experienced a similar continual fight to the one of Kaspar’s - a fight to freely speak as individuals - and a journey to their own prosperity; by seeing Kaspar in this new context, I believe we can truly resonate with both women and men viewers today.
Performance presented in English, with translation into Romanian.

      © Enigma Theatre Collective