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  ARCUB & Asociaţia GOONG
Idolul and Ion Anapoda
By George Mihail Zamfirescu
Directed by: Mariana Cămărășan și Toma Dănilă
Adapted by: Mariana Cămărășan
Stage design: Vladimir Turturica
Light design: Stefan Vasilescu
Love is all around.

John is falling in love with Mioara.
Mioara is falling in love with Valter.
Valter and John are best friends.

Mioara is Madam Stavar’s spoiled niece.
John and Valter are tenants in her house.
Frusinel is her servant.

Madam Stavar is the widow of Major Stavar.
Major Stavar is Frusinel’s father.
But Frusinel doesn’t know.

Madam Stavar, however, knows everything.
She practices coffee reading, and her walls have eyes and ears.
She is strong like a general in the army and fragile like a lily-of-the-valley.

Madam Stavar knows that she is in love with John.
John doesn’t know that he is in love with Frusinel.
And something is happening with Frusinel. But she doesn’t know what. It is love.

This is what we think: we need joy, romance, love, stories. Especially now, when the world seems to disintegrate, when the pace is brisk and unforgiving, when we seem to have forgotten of ourselves. We think so: it is necessary to rediscover ourselves in the light of irrepressible laughter, of some innocent pranks, to see how ridiculous and sublime we are or can be when we’re falling in love. In fact, we just need to be. Let’s just BE. Simply.

“The Idol and Upside-Down John” - after George Mihail Zamfirescu - is a romantic comedy. Oana Pellea is Stavaroaia - a lady full of life. Richard Bocnovzki is John - an upside-down man, Florina Gleznea - Frusinel - the idol from the dream, Cristina Casian is Mioara - a beautiful but silly girl, and Istvan Teglas is Valter - a young and clever boy.
A game like theatre, a game like love, a game like life - all in the remembrance of a marvelous lady who fell in love with a man who was too young, too gentle, too talkative… a man who was totally, but totally upside-down.
Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English.
Co-producer: Raiffeisen Bank

      © Cătălina Flămânzeanu