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  Martin Zimmermann
Concept, direction and choreography: Martin Zimmermann
Stage design: Martin Zimmermann
Dramaturgy: Sabine Geistlich
Development - stage design, technical project manager: Ingo Groher
Music creation: Colin Vallon
Direction and choreography assistance: Eugénie Rebetez
Costume design: Franziska Born
Light design: Sammy Marchina
Sound design: Andy Neresheimer
Creation - stage manager, extra: Roger Studer
Creation - stage direction: Sarah Büchel
Technical concept - stage design: Christiane Voth, Ingo Groher
Stage design - construction: Ateliers Théâtre Vidy Lausanne, Ingo Groher
Motorization stage design: Thierry Kaltenrieder
Costumes: Franziska Born, Bea Zimmermann
Theatre painter: Michèle Rebetez-Martin
Accessories: Atelier CLSFX Paris, Eric Rhis
General stage manager: Roger Studer
Light direction, stage direction: Sammy Marchina/ Jérôme Bueche/ Jan Olieslagers
Sound direction: Franck Bourgoin/ Andy Neresheimer
Technical production: Sarah Büchel
Communication: Yvonne Kummer
Accounting and office: Conny Heeb
Administration and booking: Alain Vuignier
International producer: Claire Béjanin
Artistic direction: Dimitri de Perrot, Martin Zimmermann
Performed by: Martin Zimmermann
Martin Zimmermann: movement artist, fervent tinkerer and reckless wannabe, presents – for the first time ever – a solo creation. An attempt to fling the absurdities of his inner life inside out and get a grip on his bizarre thought processes. For the setting of his newest creation, Martin Zimmermann has chosen a frame structure, turning it into a shop- window-like space to showcase a tragicomic figure driven by the desire to become what he appears to be. The staid, seemingly static framework turns out to be much more dynamic, much more fragile than one thought. The performer tries to adapt himself to the ever more out-of-control world of appearances. Objects come alive and fly around his head, magic overflows the space, obliterating the boundary between fiction and reality. Martin Zimmermann has been appearing onstage for about 20 years. With Hallo he demonstrates the same passion for performance that he had at the beginning of his career. In the calamity-riddled Hallo, Zimmermann keeps trying to work his way through incessantly new, surreal circumstances. He loses touch with reality, mistakes himself for his own reflection in the mirror, folds himself up and becomes another prop on the stage. Martin Zimmermann’s worn out body develops a different, more urgent body language. The artist, trapped under his own spell and his unbridled passion, nearly trips and is saved only by his off-the-wall humour.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12.
Production: Verein Zimmermann & de Perrot
Coproduction: Châteauvallon - Centre National de Création et Diffusion Culturelles; Espace Jean Legendre, Compiègne - scène nationale de l’Oise en préfiguration; KVS - Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg; La Filature, scène nationale – Mulhouse; Le Merlan, scène nationale à Marseille avec Pôle Cirque Méditerranée (CREAC de Marseille, Théâtre Europe, La Seyne sur Mer); Le Volcan, scène nationale du Havre; Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg; Maillon – Théâtre de Strasbourg - Scène européenne; Migros Kulturprozent; Theater Casino Zug; Théâtre de la Ville, Paris; Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne; Zürcher Theater Spektakel.
With the support of: Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Thanks to: Schauspielhaus Zürich
Final rehearsals at Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, premiere 4th November 2014.
Zimmermann & de Perrot are backed by a cooperative contract of support between the city of Zurich’s department of cultural affaires, the cultural affairs service of Canton Zurich and Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council.
Începând cu 2006, compania Zimmermann & de Perrot s-a bucurat de sprijinul Fundaţiei BNP Paribas, sprijin oferit pentru dezvoltarea proiectelor. / Since 2006 Zimmermann & de Perrot have enjoyed the support of Foundation BNP Paribas for development of their projects.

      © Augustin Rebetez