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 Great Britain
  The London African Gospel Choir
Gospel Tour 2016
Director: Crystal Kassi
Assistant Musical Director: Shefali Malontie
Performed by: Prudence Jezile, Esther Zeeta, Derick Kiteke, Audrey Heron, Sherelle White, Charlene Padmore, Makonda Karonga
The London African Gospel Choir was co-founded by Crystal Kassi to help London’s African community to promote the gospel, create a platform of excellence for African gospel singers and musicians, and popularize the African interpretations of gospel music.
The live repertoire on offer includes traditional and original songs from all regions in Africa, in local languages and in English, but also incorporates interpretations of African-American classics. The dance choreography, so much a part of the live show, brings a unique and spectacular element to the performances.
Co-producers: Crystal Kassi, Shefali Malontie

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