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  •  Dance 2016
  Universitatea ”Babes Bolyai” Cluj Napoca
Directed by Györgyjakab Enikő
Music by: Domokos Előd
Musical selection: Györgyjakab Enikő
Sound and lighting: Almási Attila
Special thanks to: Bodor Emőke, Bocskay Gyopár, Köllő Csongor
With:Buchmann Wilhelm, Deák Zoltán, Domokos Szabolcs, Fekete Ágnes, Fekete Róbert, Kakucsi Áron, Kecskés Anna, Ötvös Kinga, Lanstyák Ildikó
As the stone creates ripples when dropped into still water, so does the body tremble at the threshold of the tiniest turmoil. Maybe this could be the shortest review of the movement theater performance made by the final year students of the Babeș-Bolyai University. “g.a.me” was created from impulses, the binding of movements, rhythm, attention and the attempt to create a form that allows life to manifest itself. The group explored several playful situations in which the inherent diversity of human being, both the bright, and the dark side of us shows up. The axis of the performance queries the crossing point between childhood and adulthood, where the imaginary or idealistic needs to meet reality. The point where the patterns that were burned into our minds during childhood have to disappear and give place for the knowing through experience. The group scenes, together with the individual ones, create a dynamic mosaic of images that calls into our mind the atmosphere of peace and war, the subtle energies of love or those of disillusion. Personal stories, melodies of recalled memories are part of the performance and fill with meaning the tiny ripples of the body. The performance is a result of a half year working process, led by Enikő Györgyjakab.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12.

      © Józsa Ádám István