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Five Hours with Mario
By: Miguel Delibes
Directed by: Mariana Cămărăşan
Staging: Florina Gleznea & Mariana Cămărăşan
With: Florina Gleznea
“Five hours with Mario” - a monologue with Florina Gleznea, about a Spanish widow waiting for the morning of her husband’s funeral to arrive. The husband, Mario, was a novelist and liberal journalist, but to Carmen, his wife, he was a mass of missed chances. His work she found obscure and self-indulgent, his friends affected, his sexuality puny.
She accuses him of infidelities-in-imagination (which are as bad as in fact, she feels), and, while protesting about her own virtue, is immoderately proud of her breasts and reiterates constantly a compliment that a would-be-suitor paid her. And surely there is a political overtone here - the voices of conservative Spain, perhaps secretly exultant should democracy die. But the points come unsubtly and without much tang of surprise.
Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English.

      © Alexandra Paşca