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  Triuggio Marching Band
Fanfare Parade
Performed by: Triuggio Marching Band
Music teacher and director: Paolo Colombo
President: Graziella Corbo
Triuggio Marching Band is a nonprofit organization founded in 2004, whose activity is the dissemination of music education. It is currently made up of around 65 members from marching players and color guards, plus about 50 supporters and collaborators. The association promotes among its members the education and socialization of positive values such as personal responsibility, respect, the ability to work together by sharing more and more ambitious musical goals, through improved stages as a formula for success.
The social objective of the Triuggio Marching Band is to give everyone the opportunity to get involved by developing their artistic abilities, both in music and in the motor (dance) music, through educational programs carried out with the collaboration of teachers, educators and instructors with great experience in the field of performing arts. The band has participated in many international events, like London New Year’s Day Parade in 2012, Shanghai International Tourism Festival in 2014, French Carnivals from 2013 to 2016.

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