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  Cláudia Duarte
Fado - From the Heart of Lisbon
Performed by: Cláudia Duarte (vocal), Filipe Rebelo (Portuguese guitar), José Elmiro Nunes (viola fado), Gustavo Roriz (bass)
Cláudia was born in the heart of Lisbon and early discovered her passion for music. In Portugal, she deepened her knowledge in classical singing and music therapy and, in India, studied Indian classical singing and Harmonium. Later, she studied jazz singing at the AAM Lisbon, with the unique voice of jazz Maria João. Another of her great passions is travelling. In every place of the world, she seeks to absorb new sounds that inspire her, and which later appear reflected in her music.
She belongs to the new generation of Fado showing her voice as a new identity by adding new sounds, textures and approaches to traditional Fado.
Cláudia Duarte and her musicians keep the promise of a show full of elegance and sensitivity, transpiring a great complicity between the singer and her musicians. Her repertoire includes some of the classic Fado songs, expertly representing the Traditional Portuguese Music, joining her voice to a contagious charisma.

      © Daniel Jesus