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Eugenia Usandivaras & Leo Calvelli - Tango Argentinian
Dances, Maestros and Tango choreographers.
Argentinians. He is from Buenos Aires and she, from Salta. In 1993 they met dancing in Buenos Aires. Since 1995 they moved to Europe and started working together, forming the couple known as Leo & Eugenia.
Him, impregnated by the Argentinian folklore since early age, became one of the specialists conquered by tango. Her, with a classic and contemporary ballet background, formed at the famous San Martin Theatre in Buenos Aires, opened one day a Tango school, for never leaving it again.
Disciples of one of the famous maestros couple – Rodolfo and Gloria Dinzel – they soon developed their own style.
In their dance, elegant, dynamic, filled with emotions, they combine the traditional tango with tango nuevo, never forgetting the essence of the tango: l’abrazo.
L’abrazo (the embrace) is the key moment when the two individuals enter the relation; it’s the spirit of their communication throughout the dance.
Tango cultivates the emotional development and the creativity of individuals. It connects people through music and emotions. Tango is improvisation, inspiration and the story behind.