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Erica’s Dream
Artistic team: Erwan Leguen (musician, composer), Pauline Larivière (lyric singer), Adèle Borde (comedian, ballet dancer), Maureen Brown (comedian, circus artist), Cristobal Pereira Ber (comedian, circus artist), Benjamin Lissardy (comedian, circus artist)
Erica is led to an imaginary world that invites her to explore her heart. The naive girl confronts different enchanting characters: provocative Monsters, a devilish Shoemaker, an idyllic Lover and her fearful Double. These strange appearances are a pretext to create situations so that Erica can explore her body and emotions.
This enlightening journey is a metaphor for her passage into adulthood. The dream is both a preparation for reality and an invitation to live our passions and instinctual feelings.
The story is inspired by the movie “The red shoes” by M. Powell and E. Pressruger.
Co-producers: Circ que o!; Ville de Bordeaux; Iddac Gironde; Conseil général de la Gironde; Région Aquitaine; DRAC Aquitaine; Le carré Les colonnes; École de cirque de Bordeaux; Sud Side Marseille; Les Arènes de Nanterre; Repetto Paris.

      © Ephiphanie Esteves