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Embalo - Fado World Tour
Performed by: Liana (vocal), António Neto (classical guitar), António Dias (Portuguese guitar), Jorge Carreiro (bass guitar)
Liana is a rare pearl. She harmoniously blends multiple ornamentation and voice amplitudes, from the whisper to the breath-taking cry, powerful and yet sweet. Add to it a clear diction that releases the poems and gives them life. She adds the precious treasure of an unusual gift of gab and a secure empathy with the audience. And would those talents end here, we would already have an unmatched “fadista”. But Liana presents, yet and especially, the most exceptional sensitive interpretation, subtly creating, by miracle or spell, the emotion of beauty, and of the shared feelings that reach us.
Perhaps all this comes as a result of a coherent apprenticeship in the big “school” of the popular and traditional fado, singing since the age of 9, that culminated in two first prizes at the most important contest in Portugal – “Grande Noite do Fado”.
But the aperture to openness and an attitude of freedom and independence reveal themselves in Liana’s path. She performed the main role of Amália Rodrigues in the most successful musical play ever in Portuguese history and was the unforgettable soloist in a world music band, the Stockholm Lisboa Project, with whom she won several international awards and excellent reviews in several European countries. It appears as she has been collecting in her voice the world traits and the diverse musical routes she has crossed (Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Finland, Austria, Luxembourg, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Romania, Canada, USA, Brazil, China, Australia...).
Liana’s singing in concert is essentially truthfulness and commitment in a swinged fado within the fado melodies, in a thousand feelings and creative nuances.

      © Pedro Sádio