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  •  Dance 2016
 Republica Moldova
  Academia de Muzică, Teatru și Arte Plastice Chișinău / M.A.D.E. Theatre
Directed by: Ianoș Petrașcu
Choreography and body expression: Ianoș Petrașcu/ Eugen Farguțu
Light design: Vitalie Lașcu
Costumes: Anna Panina
Theatrologist: Olga Moca
Invited professor: Vlad Ciobanu
Cast: Alexei Chirilă, Varvara Cobozeva, Mihai Bordian, Eugen Farguțu, Petric Pitel, Boris Lungu, Elena Guțu, Natalia Ciuntu, Olesea Gaina
“CheckMatte” is a performance about power and its danger, being inspired from “Richard the 3rd” by W. Shakespeare. The main character is ready to sacrifice everything for supreme power. One by one, he betrays the Queen’s love, the faith and loyalty of his servants and all this because of his desire of being powerful. Power, no matter of its shape or level, always attracted and fascinated. The lust for power succeeds to get on the side of the whites too, even if at the beginning they were fighting for a greater cause: to restore the symbol of statehood and independence - the Crown. Thus the stage becomes a battlefield in which, as on the chessboard, there are two opposite sides and players are dying because they get addicted to power. Once caught in its game, it’s unlikely to get out sane. As Francis Bacon was saying, “the desire of power in excess caused even the angels to fall, humans have no way to escape”. And now it remains to ask ourselves a single question: Would it be black or white the ideal colour for the soul? A question that is still actual for the reality we are living in. “The power struggle monsters” - Ștefan Popa The story is reflective of the political (and not only) situation in Moldova and other countries, as well as of some problems they are facing at the moment: political instability, corruption, injustice, media manipulation etc. This performance is an open call for people to unite and fight for the same ideals, in order to be sure that they don’t play against each other, but on the same side. Otherwise, the essence of the “game” fails.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12.

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