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 Republic of Moldova
  Carla’s Dreams
Carla’s Dreams Concert
Carla’s Dreams are those who showed us it is ok to be different, by using a direct message – you are Carla’s Dreams. One of the most controversial musical projects from the Republic of Moldova and Romania, Carla’s Dreams are not some common artists, as they also represent the voice of the young people, who are used to the band’s honest songs, sometimes presented maybe in too straight a manner. They became known in Romania in 2013, by launching “P.O.H.U.I.”, together with Inna. At the end of that year, we find Carla’s Dreams under the “umbrella” of Global Records, joining forces with one of the greatest Romanian female artists – Loredana Groza (“Lumea ta”).
In 2014, the group launched their first album, “Da.Nu.Na”, in front of thousands of fans. But 2015 was their best year until now. The most watched video on YouTube in Romania was “Cum ne noi” (37 million views), a collaboration with Delia. The same vocalist highlights their next composition “Da, mamă”, which gathered more than 31 million views. Shortly after, “Te rog” became viral on Internet, with almost 22 million views. In June 2015, Carla’s Dreams were invited on the stage of ProFM On Top, among other well known Romanian artists, for the first big musical event organized on Casa Poporului and one month later, together with Delia, the group opened Robbie Williams’ concert in Piața Constituției. At the beginning of this year, “Sub pielea mea #eroina”, with a controversial video, gathered 10 million views in only 20 days after its release. The Moldovan musicians released their second album “Ngoc” in May, at Arenele Romane in Bucharest. The title of this album is an urban expression which can be interpreted as “my one and only love / woman”.

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