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Carillon, the Flight of Time
Author and Director: Angelo Bonello
Choreographer: Mauro Astolfi
Assistant choreographer: Beatrice Bodini
Aerial choreographer: Cristina Menconi
Soundtrack: Davì Lamastra, Agricantus, Michele Santoro
Lights: Vincenzo Raponi
Scenography: Angelo Bonello, Viorel Rosu
Text recited by: Liviu Vlad
Recording of the text in Romanian and English: Bogdan Ropcean
“Carillon, the Flight of Time” is a large urban theatre spectacle played out between the earth and the sky. The innovative stage setting uses great machines in motion, playing out on three different stages; enormous flying sets, manoeuvred by an automatic hydraulic crane 80 metres from the ground and the dance and acrobatic choreographies create a 3D spectacle that involves the spectator at 360 degrees.
A large parallelepiped, intersected by 600 metres of elastic cable, installed on a motorised rotating platform, becomes a surreal Carillon-music box.
The story and the choreographed and acrobatic routines of the dancers radiate out from this central set piece. Verticality is the stylistic root of the show and it unites expressive languages and acrobatic dance, from new circus to climbing, from singing to acting, in an unprecedented way, making Carillon an innovative and moving “total theatre” performance.
The four seasons alternate as a synthesis of the divine and temporal container of the “Ages of the world”, from which human nature and human destiny emerge… Man, craving possession of material things, will end up destroying himself and his world until the rebirth of a new race, a “race of prodigious origin”. The music and sound effects of “Carillon” span epochs and cultures, from electronic music to mantras, from orchestral flights to primordial voices, in a powerful and refined soundtrack where the live singer plays the voice that converses with the divine. The sophisticated light design unites the work with its various shades of colour and leads the spectator on a dream like a trip that climaxes between spectacular special effects and vertiginous leaps into nothingness.

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