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  Teatro CENIT
Antigone, Genealogy of a Sacrifice
Directed by: Bernardo Rey
Dramaturgy: Nube Sandoval
Video: Paul Harden, Grazia Genovese
Scenography and masks: Bernardo Rey
Music: Ermanno Ghisio Erba; Alabaos (funeral songs from afroamerican culture of the Pacific Chocó region, Colombia); CENIT Theatre.
Photography: Cecilia Posada
Costumes: Aurora Ghielmini
Video edition: Daniel Rodríguez
With: Nube Sandoval

From the entrails of the fratricidal war in Colombia and from the vision that of the tragedy raises the Spanish philosopher Maria Zambrano, we propose an Antigone that meets, in her tomb, all her race. An epilogue that develops in the place where Sophocles left Antigone: displaced from life and displaced from death, the tomb expands to represent the world and the human condition. Antigone with her intrinsic ethics and sense of freedom, returns to pulsate, with her sacrifice, the circulatory system of her genealogy. Summarizing, she tries to answer a question that chases her: “Can sorry flourish there where the terror sowed deserts?”
A multidisciplinary performance of great visual impact, which combines multimedia language with mask, text and music.
Performance presented in Spanish, with translation into Romanian and English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12.
Special effects: Video projections.
Special thanks to Hollman Morris for the fragment of the documentary “Impunity”.
Co-producers: Ministry of Culture of Colombia and Teatro CENIT.

      © Cecilia Posada