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  Colegiul Naţional “Gheorghe Lazăr” / Trupa de teatru “As”, București
Almost, Maine
After John Cariani
Directed by Andrei Gheorghe
Sound: Raluca Cornea
Lighting: Mara Oprea
Surtitle operator: Raluca Mitroiu
Cast: Cezar Costache, Anca Pop, Gabriel Zaharia, Cosmin Maluspărteanu, Iulia Dineș, Sandra Ducuță, Maria Muller, Vlad Cazacu
What is “Almost”? A small town in the northern United States where people live their life “as it should be lived”. It’s where people fall in love and out of love in the most bizarre and funny situations. We all get tattoos or use an ironing board, but in “Almost” all these have a completely different meaning: they become those things that bring people together.
How would we describe “Almost, Maine”? The show where you come to refresh your young soul, to fall in love again, and especially to feel the heat in midwinter.
We do not expect you to leave the theatre feeling like you have just witnessed the accomplishments of a professional company, but as if you’ve just been to a place where some teenagers wear their feelings on the sleeves and let their young spirits flow, sharing with you their tenderness and candor in the most playful way. That being said, we are waiting for you to enjoy with us a romantic comedy!
Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English.

      © Trupa de Teatru As