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  Teatrul pentru Copii și Tineret Gong
Written by: Yann Verburgh
After: Lewis Carroll
Directed by: Eugen Jebeleanu
Translated in Romanian by: Eugen Jebeleanu
Stage design: Velica Panduru
Music: Alex Halka
Video projection: Coralie de Gonzaga, Silviu Naicu
Cast: Anton Balint, Paul Bondane, Barbara Crișan, Cristina Drăghici, Charlie Fălămaș, Mihaela Grigoraș, Iustinian Turcu

Technical Director: Viorica Costin
Sound: Claudiu Rusu Costea
Light: Stelian Ciora
Video operator: Radu Beckert
Stage technician: Andrei Arjoca
Costumes and stage sett: Adrian Vlad Răzvan, Claudia Benchea, Diana Ribana
Alice is a girl like all the other girls. She goes to school, takes dance, music, English and swimming lessons. Her mother dresses her in beautiful clothes, takes her on holidays abroad and encourages her at studies and contests, but she never asks Alice what she really wants. What subjects she prefers at school, what kind of clothes she likes to wear, who she wants to play with, what her dreams are or if she has enough time for herself.
“Alice” is the story of a girl who discovers that what her parents want from her seems to be more important than what she herself wants. During her adventures, with the help of some bizarre characters that resemble so much with the people in her life, Alice realizes that she is…herself. And that means she can make choices and decide for herself.
“Alice” is the story of a child growing up in the contemporary world, a world that imposes its rules: it has standards for beauty, gender stereotypes, it is commercial (aimed at profit), it is based on the image (appearances) and not on the content, and it is time consuming. But Alice understands that the patterns our world is imposing are not fair at all and what really matters are actually her own personality and her own desires.
“Alice” is a show for children and parents alike. Having been written in a contemporary language and ilustrated by a modern visual, “Alice” is a show that calls into question the parent-children relationship, a subject of our day-to-day reality.
Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 10.

      © Sebastian Marcovici