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Alexa Visarion or the "Destiny of Vocation"
One of his own statements, which define the character of Alexa Visarion - as a multi-talented man and creator, simply goes like this: "I cannot exist unless I offer myself fully", the idea behind it being that every moment in life is an offering and at the end stands fulfilment.
Alexa Visarion offers himself to the readers through a medium that is uncommon for him as a creator, not in a theater play or a movie, but by means of a book. A book that is not only beautiful (in its content and appearance), but also fascinating in what it confesses about the man, the artist, the creator, Alexa Visarion. Entitled Alexa Visarion or the destiny of vocation and published in the "Colocviala" collection of Junimea Publishing House, the book is a selection of writings published over time (in about 40 years) about this distinguished theater and film director, about the fulfilment of his vocation and about the blessings that have influenced his artistic and intellectual endeavour.
One of the conclusions that may be drawn after reading this fascinating book would be that Alexa Visarion represents a breath of fresh air in the theater and film world, due to his exceptional creative thinking and his talent.

Ştefan OPREA