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  Fundația Abracadabra/ Teatrul Vostru Sibiu/ Universitatea Lucian Blaga Sibiu
Abracadabra: Theater’s Kingdom
Artistic team: Marian Râlea, Adina Cristescu, Teodora Domnariu, Florin Pîrvu, Doriana Tăut, Alexandru Verzescu, Laurențiu Vlad
“Abracadabra: Theater’s Kingdom” is part of “Theatre and the World of Childhood”, a program of the International Theatre Festival for 15 years now, making all children happy by showing them how to enter the magical realm of fairy tales.
The story says that in the year 6102, King Theatre will come to the Sub Arini Park in Sibiu. Together with his court, he will reign and turn his kingdom into a place where theater will prevail. We thought that we still have time. At a closer look we realized that there was a mistake in the story. We have turned the digits of the year backwards and realized that the year 6102 is actually 2016. The anxiousness of not having enough time to prepare for his arrival made us ask for the help of the Fairytale Magician and his assistants. We wrote to him and his answer came quickly “I can do it, I am a Magician!”. He contacted King Theatre and learned the entire schedule.
On Saturday and Sunday (11th and 12th of June), the King will arrive with all his court and declare the Sub Arini Park the Theatre Kingdom. Two days in a row will the King invite the residents of Sibiu to become Residents -Actors of the Kingdom. Not everyone can be an Actor. Playing will be the main occupation of the inhabitants of the kingdom, and the only laws of this kingdom will be the laws of childhood.

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