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  Meno Fortas Theatre
A Hunger Artist
By: Franz Kafka
Directed by: Eimuntas Nekrosius
Stage designer: Marius Nekrosius
Costume designer: Nadezda Gultiajeva
Cast: Viktorija Kuodyte, Vaidas Vilius, Vygandas Vadeisa, Genadij Virkovskij
The latest production by Eimuntas Nekrosius is a try to stage the main ideas on a short story by Franz Kafka – A Hunger Artist.
Everything was performed as a whispering but it hurts deeply: you feel smashed, because you understand that a human kind, who believed in his profession and art all his life, disappears without a trace. This is the story told with a big irony and some autobiographical moments.
It is an anthem to the Creativity, sung by the dying Artist.
Performance presented in Lithuanian, with translation into Romanian and English.
Produced by Meno Fortas Theatre with the support of the Lithuanian Culture Council.

      © Dmitri Matveev